Wedding Photography

Everyone plans for the big day. After all, a marriage doesn’t happen every day and in most cases, it is a once in a lifetime event. Apart from the other arrangements associated with the wedding, you also need to worry about one of the most important factors – wedding photography. It is not an ordinary task and is absolutely not a job to be done with your mobile phone.

You need to hire professional wedding photography and pre wedding photography services like to capture the most memorable moments. We are a renowned photography and videography service provider in Singapore and seek to make your wedding story fascinating and enthralling.

What to Include in Pre Wedding Photography?

Pre Wedding Photography is a photoshoot that generally takes place three or six months before the wedding date. In some cases, the time frame may be shorter. Modern couples consider this as a way to depict their love story before the big day. Besides, it creates a chance to know your photographer well. A comfortable bond is also created between the photographer and the client.

Depending on individual preferences, different types of creative concepts are utilized for pre wedding photography in Singapore. Traditional, casual, glamorous and thematic photoshoots are chosen by clients in Singapore.

How to Select Wedding Photography and Pre-Wedding Photography Services in Singapore?

Before selecting wedding and pre-wedding photographers in Singapore, you need to talk to some experts. Discuss your requirements and try to find someone capable of meeting your requests. Professional services like is a reliable source for all types of wedding photography. Our experts believe in portraying the real feelings instead of just capturing some moments.

Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind before picking wedding photography services.

Experience: Experienced photographers are likely to offer the best services. They are familiar with different styles and are perfectly placed to meet specific requirements.

Portfolio: A photographer’s portfolio acts as an experience certificate. It helps to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of his work. Therefore, take a look at prior projects to get an idea about his proficiency.

Meet Photographers: A face-to-face meeting is essential to understand any photographer’s unique style. Arrange a meeting, discuss issues freely and try to gather insight into how they plan to complete this project.

Compare Rates: Although quality should be your priority when it comes to choosing the best photographers in Singapore, the rates must be checked. Avoid paying exorbitant prices. But, do not hesitate to shell some extra bucks to seek the services of an expert.

All-inclusive Contract: Whether you are opting for pre-wedding photography or wedding photography, insist on an all-inclusive contract. Ask them to include service timings, locations and the number of people coming over for the shoot. Check the details carefully before agreeing to their terms and conditions. conducts different types of event videography and photography services. Get in touch with us to make your wedding truly memorable and fascinating. We believe in capturing the ‘big little moments’ of your love story and portraying your feelings to the world.