Hi there, I am Esther!

It all begin when I left my full time job and started my own photography business. I started practising yoga in 2013 when I signed up for a gym membership at Fitness First.

As I was finding ways to build a name for myself and finding my own style in photography, an idea hit me while I was in yoga class- why not start approaching people on Instagram to invite them to do yoga on the streets. This was how I started my series “Stop drop yoga, strike a pose”

Not long after this series was launched,

Pure Fitness & Pure Yoga found me on Instagram, I began shooting for them exclusively for 2 years and now I would love to share my skills and knowledge with other gyms and yoga studio.

One of the things I enjoy the most about being a photographer is connecting with my clients. I listen to their stories intently and use my creativity to capture the elements that matter the most to them.

It brings me joy to be able to direct my Yogi models into perfect pictures that capture the fluidity of the human form. I take to the streets of Singapore to infuse the beauty of Yoga in the mundane. You can find your daily dose of positivity at #EstherTayYoga.