Hi there, I am Esther!

The one thing I enjoy the most about my work is connecting with my clients. I listen to their stories intentfully and use my creativity to focus on elements that matter the most to them.
The true style of my work is in capturing the big little moments of every couple’s little big day.
If you ask me what makes a good wedding video, I would say that it’s the one that manages to tell the real love story of the bride and the groom. Not every couple is the same, so why must all wedding videos look the same — this is my feeling when I am crafting the reel of different weddings.
Besides my passion for wedding videography, one of the other things that bring me joy is directing my Yogi models into perfect pictures that capture the fluidity of the human form. I take to the streets of Singapore to infuse the beauty of Yoga in the mundane. You can find your daily dose of positivity at #EstherTayYoga. Tell me your story — drop me a line!
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