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Brand Story – Promotional Videos
Will you let the people decide your brand story or will you tell the story yourself?
It’s time to take the narrative in your own hands with a Brand Story Video (average 1-3 minutes long).
Bonus: you will receive still photos from the video as well that you can use to populate your website and social media with.
Keep the Ball Rolling – Content for all Platforms
Do you engage with your people faithfully, or just when you have a burst of inspiration?
Don’t leave your audience hanging. Post regularly with photos and micro-videos that take your Brand Story to a whole new level. See exponential growth in your market corner with aesthetic images shot by us.
Sow the Seeds – Educate your Audience
Are you the guide, mentor, friend your clients can trust?
In the fitness, wellness, spiritual journeys of people, they are always looking for a thought leader to rely on for wisdom. Create educational and engaging videos that position you as the go-to master. Speak to your existing clients as well as onboard new seekers with your content.
We are available for overseas shoots too! Drop us an email to find out more!


Fitness & Yoga Videography