Wedding Videography Service:

Looking for the best wedding videography in Singapore? We are dedicated to chronicle every moment of your most memorable day. The wedding video not just records the bride and groom, it must aim to showcase their love story to the world.
Clients like different approaches to wedding videography. While some like documentary-style videos, others love the cinematic experience. A professional videographer in Singapore is equipped with skills and knowledge to make the event truly fascinating. The services include actual day wedding videography as well as pre-wedding shoots that capture some of the footage before the big day.

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How Do You Get the Finest Wedding Video in Singapore?

The wedding is an unforgettable moment. To ensure the best quality, you need to keep in mind certain things.

Enquire About the Wedding Videography Style:

Before selecting a service provider, inquire about their expertise and shooting styles. Every videographer is different and utilizes unique styles and techniques. Clients who like fairy-tale weddings and have a knack for cinematic wedding videography, the output must be magical. Therefore, it is essential to check out some of their previous works. It is always a good bet to choose professional videographers.

Plan Ahead: For actual day wedding videography, you need to make advance bookings. It is essential to plan ahead and make arrangements beforehand. Talk to a few videographers and discuss your requirements before selecting one.

Check out Online Services: Wedding videography is a specialized task. And if you are looking for the finest services in Singapore, check out online wedding videography sites. It will give you a fair idea about the kind of services and styles offered. Positive customer reviews and good ratings can help to choose the most favourable online service providers.

Set up a Meeting: It is important to talk to the videographer before confirming the services. Meet them in person and find out if you can freely talk to them about your requirements. If you find a videographer in Singapore who is willing to accommodate all your requests, it is good to go ahead.

Include Every Detail in the Contract:Whether you require actual day wedding videography or pre-wedding shoots, it is necessary to include all the details in your contract. Details regarding the time when the videographer will be available, how many people will be coming along and an itemized list of finished products is necessary. Do not forget to add the nitty-gritty of logistical details such as those related to the time and location. Also, mention the cancellation policies and the fees for the service.

Budget: Set your budget for wedding videography. Although we love to go the extra mile when it comes to a memorable event such as this, it is never a bad idea to find service providers offering competitive rates. However, trust the videographer’s experience and don’t be influenced by their rates.

Esther Tay Pictures is all about adding colour to your emotions. The professionals here focus on real emotions and capture truly memorable moments. So, if you are looking to highlight the ‘big little moments’ of your day, get in touch with Esther Tay. The professional videography service providers from Singapore can offer an exceptional wedding video.

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